2012 Jaguar XJL

“Its extra 12.6 cm of wheelbase translates into a rear seat that’s so comfy and well equipped, passengers will be hoping for traffic jams.”

Riding in the luxurious rear compartment of the new 2012 Jaguar XJL is better than being in the driver’s seat. Well … almost.

But it would be if the big stretched sedan wasn’t such a blast to drive.

The XJL is an extended version of the XJ sedan and its extra 12.6 cm of wheelbase translates into a rear seat that’s so comfy and well equipped that passengers will be hoping for traffic jams to extend their ride time. Continue reading

Who Loves Your Daddy? Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers-dayWhether it’s your dad, grandfather, uncle or even a friend, Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the men who support and love you. So a new Jag might be a little lofty and way out of the gift budget, but there are so many ways to recognize the special men in your life.

  • Service/Parts Gift Certificate – Who doesn’t need an oil change or air filter? Make his life a little easier with a gift certificate to take care of things that interrupt our lives every day.
  • Cool Accessory – Roadside assistance package, ipod connector, leather seats, window tint, and the list goes on. Put a little more fun and security in his ride.

And don’t forget, summer sales event is going on.

We can fit any budget at Jaguar Orlando. Enjoy your Father’s Day!

Jaguar Orlando

Owning a Jaguar is a fulfilling experience. But thrill, pride and sense of accomplishment that attend your initial purchase will continue and even deepen during the ownership period that follows. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and that’s why all the consultants at Jaguar Orlando are here for you throughout your entire Jaguar ownership.

Our experienced sales staff is dedicated to satisfying our customers’ need. We encourage you to take the time to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing.

Our totally modern, re-styled Jaguar Orlando showroom has the latest Jaguar models, along with an outstanding, fully stocked pre-owned department which allows them to serve a more diversified customer base. Today’s Jaguars are more affordable, and are second to none in performance and style, allowing Jaguar Orlando to continue to grow as Central Florida’s only Jaguar dealership. In doing so, Jaguar Orlando and their dedicated staff will continue to service all customers, new and old, with trust, integrity, and care.

If you do not find the vehicle you are looking for on our website, fill out the CarFinder form with a description of the Jaguar of your choice and we will notify you when it has arrived. Or click on Directions for interactive driving directions and other contact information to speak to a sales representative. We look forward to serving you.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates

And you never know what you are going to get. And here we are, the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day is next Monday. So what are you getting your lovey? Okay, so a car might not be way out of the budget, but maybe think outside of the chocolate box.

Here’s to the little things that show them how much you care.

  • Car Sabbatical – Commandeer the Jaguar from your sweetie and bring it into Jaguar of Orlando for some TLC – oil change, tire rotation, wiper change, a/c refresher…. And leave a love letter on the dashboard,” I love you and I want you to be safe whenever you are away from me.” Schedule your appointment and download a service coupon online.
  • Add a Little Spice to the Ride – Come by and get a cool accessory installed that will take their Jaguar ride to another level: roadside assistance package, ipod connector to accompany the new ipod, xzilon protection, leather seats, window tint, and the list goes on. You can say, “I want you to love your Jaguar as much as I love you!” Stop by and we’ll show you options.
  • Loving Detail – It’s in the details…A detailed wash and wax exterior of the Jaguar: Clean windows, door jams, wheel wells, and tires for $59.99. You can profess, “I love you, you love me and we love your Infiniti, so it deserves some TLC.” Check out what we can offer in detail service.

Maybe you don’t have time to complete these sweet gestures before the 14th, so get a gift certificate and wordsmith a great love letter on what it’s for.

And don’t forget that a new Jaguar expresses the XXOOXOOs like no other and all new 2011 models come with the Jaguar Platinum Coverage. And of course we have a Fabulous February deals going on.

We love you, our smart loyal customers, employees, friends and fans. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jaguar of Orlando

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Okay, so what is still on your list? Or have you not even started yet? Christmas is 3 days away, so you deadline-pushers (that would include me), stop despairing. These quick tips can help you survive another holiday season and elate your friends and family as well.

1. Do your online shopping TODAY. If it’s important to you that people on your gift list have actual items in their hands by Dec. 25, then today’s the day to start clicking for two-day shipping, if available. Many online retailers promise to deliver presents by Christmas Day if you place your order by Dec. 21-22 using two-day shipping, there are still some lenient retailers will continue to guarantee on-time delivery if you use overnight shipping by noon Pacific time on Dec. 22. You can quickly check the shipping sections of stores’ Web sites to find out which deadlines you’ll have to hit. Take a look at Have a look at the new Jaguar Collection – from fragrances and leather luggage to soft toys and cufflinks. www.jaguarcollection.com

2. Buy tangible, plastic gift cards. Stop by Jaguar of Orlando and pick up a gift certificate for a nice accessory, oil change, tire rotation, car detail, car rental, etc. Most local businesses offer them, so you have plenty of opportunities to look thoughtful by tailoring your gift-card purchases to certain individuals. Just be sure to read the fine print before you buy. Some cards might have expiration dates and fees, particularly those bearing the logos of major credit card companies. Our gift cards do not have any hidden fees. If you’re not comfortable just handing over a card, wrap it inside a mug or put it in the arms of a small stuffed animal.

3. Send electronic gift certificates or gift cards. Another option is an online gift certificate that gets sent out via e-mail. Many retailers offer them, and their convenience to you is unparalleled – so long as you feel reasonably comfortable that your recipient won’t mistake your electronic gift for spam. Some retailers allow the certificates to be used only on their Web sites, not in their stores, so make sure the person on the receiving end is comfortable shopping online. You’ll often have until around noon on Dec. 24 to order the e-gift cards and guarantee their timely arrival.

4. Shop on Dec. 24. Most non-procrastinating types relax on Christmas Eve day – meaning traffic at the malls should be thinner then. Of course, this approach only will work for presents you can give in person locally, not for gifts that need to be mailed.

5. Think food and drinks. Consider “splurges” that your loved ones might not get for themselves – and that also won’t require you to step foot into a crowded mall. Some ideas: nice bottles of booze and liqueur; a case of wine; caviar; prosciutto; gourmet cheeses; fine chocolate; premium olive oils; hard-to-find hot sauces.

6. Give the gift of yourself. For a gift that’s both personal and easy to execute on a deadline, create “coupons” for services you can provide in the weeks to come. You can give coupons for an amazing multi-course meal, babysitting services, pet-care services, massages, Web site building, car repairs, painting and other handyman services around the home. Just be careful not to over-promise; you’re sure to be remembered for giving a “gift” and failing to deliver on it. Or maybe a coupon for someone to go pick out their very own Jaguar(There are great specials for new and pre-owned Jaguars).

7. Opt for practical ideas. You can get large quantities of items your recipients are sure to use, such as art supplies for art lovers, prepaid calling cards for friends who travel a lot, or specialized emergency kits. For someone with chronic car problems, give them a gift certificate for a Jaguar emergency kit, a flashlight, gas can, jumper cables, flares and a membership to AAA.

9. Donate to charity in someone else’s name. Through the nonprofit Charity Checks, you can order a check in any dollar amount, then let your recipient select a charity from among 800,000 in the United States. Go to http://www.charitychecks.us/ or call toll-free 1-800-854-5601. (Once again, if you want your gift to show up by Christmas Day, it’s best to place your order by Dec. 21. You might be able to get away with waiting until Dec. 22 to order, so long as you’re willing to pony up for overnight delivery.)

Don’t despair, just get creative and there are lots of ways to bring holiday cheer! Jaguar of Orlando is here to help! Stop by and we can help you put together a gift that will knock your Jaguar fan’s socks off!

Santa is a Big Fan of Jaguar Orlando and Here’s Why

So a new car might be out of the gift budget, but there are so many ways to bring a little joy and functionality to your family and friends lives. Here are some ways that you can think outside of the box and get some solid holiday shopping done at Jaguar Orlando.

  • Service/Parts Gift Certificate – Who doesn’t need an oil change or air filter? Make their life a little easier with a gift certificate to take care of things that interrupt our lives every day.
  • Car Wash and Detailing – Did you know about our detailing service? You can buy a gift certificate or steal the car for a few hours and make their day with an expert hand wash, wax and detail. Because a Jaguar doesn’t deserve to be in the corner, baby.
  • Xzilon Protection – Jaguar Orlando is an authorized agent for Xzilon, an exterior protectant to bond and seal the paint surface of the Jaguar creating a continuous, protective finish. What part does that not say about how much you love and care their Jaguar too?
  • Cool Accessory – Roadside assistance package, ipod connector to accompany the new ipod, leather seats, window tint, and the list goes on. Put a little more fun and security in their ride.
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle – Need a second, third or fourth car for a teenager? We have great deals on pre-owned cars, so you don’t break the budget for your family to get a little more independence and responsibility.

And don’t forget, the end of year clearance is going on.

We can fit any budget at Jaguar Orlando. Happy Holidays!