Jaguar Navigation Map Updates

Packed with information, from hotels and street names to airports, restaurants and places of interest along the way, every NAVTEQ map is designed to ensure that you enjoy your journey. NAVTEQ maps provide the most accurate information for your Jaguar navigation system. To order your navigation map update, contact your local Jaguar dealer.
The NAVTEQ® maps in Jaguar’s Satellite Navigation System give you accurate information about 78 countries on six continents. They features millions of the most up-to-date places of interest, including restaurants, hotels and ATMs.

Jaguar Land Rover North America Honors Long Service Employees

On Tuesday, December 6, Andy Goss, President, Jaguar Land Rover North America and Chris Marchand, Executive Vice President, Operations, Jaguar Land Rover North America, honored those employees who are celebrating 25 years of service with the company this year, with a plaque at a special dinner reception. The employees recognized were:

• Bob Burns; 3D Experience & Events Manager, Land Rover
• George Delaney; Franchise Development Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
• James Gathercole; Port Operations & Logistics Coordinator, Jaguar Land Rover
• Donald Krumholz; After Sales Operations Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
• Edward Moran; Southern Regional Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
• Andrew Riccardi; Warranty Business Analyst, Jaguar Land Rover
• Scott Tucker; Service Engineering Support & Essential Tools and Equipment Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
• Barbara Wheatley; Market Manager (North LA), Jaguar Land Rover

In addition to celebrating the many years of hard work, loyalty and dedication of each of the honorees, the night was also filled with reminiscing as the employees shared stories of when and how they first started with the company. Although every story was unique and different in some way, there was one reoccurring theme… a love for the brand and a love for the products Jaguar Land Rover creates.

On behalf of the entire Jaguar Land Rover North American team, we’d like to thank these individuals for their inspiring long service with the company and wish them all the best of luck in the coming years!