Jaguar Orlando: Another Satisfied Customer

Here at Jaguar Orlando we pride ourselves on excellent customer service! It’s our number one priority to ensure that every customer that walks through our door or visits receives the best sales and service experience from beginning to end.

We always love getting reviews and recommendations from happy customers and whenever we receive a review that especially stands out, we like to highlight it. This week, we’d like to share a 5-star review from a very satisfied customer! Continue reading

Jaguar Gearing Up for a Fun Summer of Promoting the 2014 F-TYPE

Jaguar recently announced details of their new global advertising and marketing campaign “Your Turn” to support the launch of its definitive sports car – the all-new F-TYPE. As Jaguar’s first new true sports car model in 50 years, the 2014 F-TYPE represents a return to the company’s heartland: a two-seater, convertible sports car focused on performance, agility and driver connection.

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The 2013 XJ, a Luxury Sedan with Multiple Personalities

When you think of a car that offers something for everybody, the first thing that comes to mind is maybe a midsize sedan, or a competent and affordable crossover. That notion of “something for everybody” becomes a little harder to wrap your head around when it comes to a finely crafted European luxury sedan. But in a sense, that’s what the 2013 Jaguar XJ is. Did you that Jaguar offers a staggering 10 different variants of the 2013 XJ? Continue reading

Another Jaguar Barn Find!

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most gorgeous automobiles ever to grace the face of this planet. When the production version rolled out in 1961, Enzo Ferrari referred to it as “the most beautiful car ever made”. It’s a symbol of the glory days of British motoring, and every example deserves love, attention, and care. Unfortunately, not every example is treated in a proper manner. A recent 1968 XK-E was found in an abandoned Maryland barn, complete with neglect and abuse. That model was listed on eBay, where bidding ended at $15,100. That’s a truly trashed example of what would typically be a story about finding a buried treasure. Continue reading

Jaguar to Make Q-Type SUV

It’s well-known that Jaguar and Land Rover both stem from the same company, and each brand serves a distinct purpose: Jaguar offers the luxury sedans and sports cars, while Land Rover offers the rugged and luxurious SUV’s. Well, the days of Jaguar being known just for gentlemanly saloons and sports cars are fast running out as evidence grows ever stronger that it will produce an SUV. The latest is that Jaguar has registered the names Q-Type and XQ on the European Union trademark database. These two registered names allow Jaguar to follow either the F-Type or XF naming structure, and go the Audi route of using a Q to denote an SUV. Continue reading