Jaguar Orlando: Songs of Summer

Summer DriveSummer is the time of year when everybody is out and about, and why wouldn’t they be? The sun’s bright and the weather is warm. Not only is summer a great time to get outdoors and breathe in the fresh summer air, but it’s also a good time to hit the road! This summer, why not answer the call of the road, hop in your car and take a drive somewhere? Whether you’ve already got a road trip or vacation planned, or you just feel like going out on a nice summer drive through town, in the summer time you’ve got everything you need to make for the perfect drive. Continue reading

Project 7: A Modern Take on a Nod to the Past

Jaguar ran a camo’d F-type prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, so bringing a production model to the 2013 event would be so lame in the auto world. Enter the Project 7: a chopped, lowered, and gutted F-type roadster that serves as a fully functional, fully aggressive nod to racing Jaguars of the past. It is indisputably not lame. Jaguar’s official reason for building it was to celebrate the automaker’s seven Le Mans victories between 1951 and 1990, hence the name Project 7, but given the styling of the concept and its mechanicals car enthusiasts suspect there may have been an ulterior motive. Continue reading

Jaguar Orlando Wants to Help You Save Money at the Pump

Jaguar Orlando knows fuel costs are a hot topic of conversation these days. Would you like to save some money at the gas pump? While planning and combining trips, parking in the shade and observing the speed limit can help lower your overall fuel bill, did you know that regular maintenance offers tremendous savings? Continue reading

Kick off the Month of July with Vehicle Incentives from Jaguar Orlando

Every month at Jaguar Orlando we get excited for the opportunity to announce our great monthly incentives and this month is no exception. Whether you are looking to lease or purchase your next Jaguar we’ve got you covered! Continue reading